Neitzsche’s way or NOT his way

August 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Friedrich Neitzsche, the revered German-philosopher, left us with a legacy of knowledge,of the kind that might abet us in forecasting the several,seemingly vexing,contingencies.Mankind has already witnessed how his doctrines, about man’s quest for power and supremacy, predicted the havoc, brought upon by the two World-Wars.
Yet another, of the contemplated prophecies derived from his works is that of “Atheism”,lack of belief in the existence of God,one,that has become the vogue of the educated,scientific mind, all, according to Neitzsche, an indirect consequence of belief in Morality.So far,so true.But, is this unsated, morally disposed, mind calling upon the advent of Nihilism and its various Avatars?, or, is it going to bend towards Cosmopolitanism?.Will the world see the dissolution of national boundaries and a unified combat against the egregious problems faced by humanity such as Terrorism,Poverty and Unemployment? or is it going to crumble in its own self-inflicted doom?.It has to choose its fate,which begs a question: Will it go Neitzsche’s way or NOT his way?.  


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